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The Seven Wonders of our Body

The Chakra reading revolves mainly around one’s aura and chakra centers which are the energy centers aligned in our body. As we know that the entire universe is made up of energy and we are no exception towards this. Chakra reading mainly insights on mental, emotional and physical states and also letting one go of blocks, weather emotional or mental. All of this positive energy flows freely in your energy system and creates harmony within your body.

All of the seven chakras play a major role in our bodies to balance health and energy system.Before the modernization took place , ancient cultures by their traditional methods knew that each living thing has a living force within them, which are 7 chakras also called as the 7 centers of our bodies.

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So, What is Chakra and Chakra reading?

Chakra originated as a sanskrit word means wheel , this is why the prana(life force) that is inside us is rotating and spinning. Chakra reading is helpful to you as it gives you the knowledge of the things which are blocked or polluted in your body.

So as said these 7 centers are like the 7 wonders of our body, let us take an insight to know what they actually are?

These are the seven points of energy moving inside our body. They are a rotating energy which starts from the base to your head top. To make a person healthy there is a need of right balance of the energy from the 7 chakras to every part of one’s body, mind and spirit.Any alteration in the movement of any one of the chakras , one’s health may suffer. By getting to know about the relation of these 7 chakras with our body one can become more familiar with the energy cycles of one’s body. Chakras empower the physical,emotional and spiritual imbalances in one’s body.

The Chakra theory for beginners:

You may have an odd feeling for Chakra exercises but after sometime of practice anyone can be a Chakra pro.

Just remember it is okay and you will deal with whatever happens.

Let’s begin:

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This is your introduction exercise which you’ll be doing for the first time.

First, move to a quiet and peaceful place and calmly sit and take a few deep breaths.Excuse tension and stress from your body and feel the vibrations inside your body.

Now,be attentive towards the base of your spine area and tailbone and start imagining a big bright red light and feel as if it is rotating with your breath. Feel the vibrations around.

Next, slide your attention towards up your spine to the area a few inches below your belly button. Feel the movement of a bright orange light now and again feel as if it is rotating while you are breathing, feel the heat of the light.

Now, move your attention to a few inches above your belly button. Strong emotions like love and fear are felt here. Feel a yellow light rotating in that spot.

Now, guide your attention further towards the center of your chest. Imagine a bright green light. While moving intensely put your hand in the spot and feel the area.

Then, bring your attention to your throat,imagine a bright blue light moving in that area. You may feel like swallowing or clearing your throat.

Next, guide your attention towards your third eye .Feel the movement of a deep indigo light. Imagine that it is spinning.

Finally, guide your attention towards the top of your head. Imagine a spinning violet light there.This light connects you to the universe. Feel the peace which comes with the movement of this light.

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The 7 wonders of your body

What do the 7 chakras mean?

The Root Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The 3rd Eye Chakra

The Crown Chakra

This is a brief about the most important 7 centers of our body, chakra reading helps one to get off the blocks and keep your mind,body and soul at peace.

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